GroundBill and GroundPortal

GroundBill and GroundPortal are the companion products on ground for fleet service management, passenger Voucher purchase and Customer Care, billing and settlement between Airlines and all other involved partners in the business model.
Ground based products are not necessary to provide on board services, however they can be useful to reduce air to ground communication costs when they are using expensive satellite connections, and can optimize overall operations and control over the offered services.

GroundBill collects billing information from the aircraft databases and provides useful fleet statistics which can be used to influence the airline strategy for service offering across their fleet/flights.

GroundBill stores the business partner contract terms, and uses them to calculate and split revenues between the business partners. Reports are generated flexibly at specified intervals or on demand.

GroundBill supports also advertisements by calculating their charges, and can send in real time information to them, allowing an automatic reimbursement mechanism to passengers for communication charges to the advertisers.

GroundBill can also be used to reconciliate accounting reports submitted by air to ground operators, to pinpoint issues.

GroundPortal finally is a product which allows passengers to buy prepaid vouchers while they are on ground, i.e. before the flight. These vouchers can be used on board, thus offloading the on board server from being PCI-DSS certified and recertified as changes are applied to the standard. Click on the screenshot to view the GroundBill brochure: (GroundPortal brochure is not included)