The on-board billing system
Traditionally the Flight Travel Sector has been the reign of "everything free", or, as there is no free lunch, all "free" services are included in the ticket price or somewhere else. Low Cost or Budget aware airlines, have started to separate truly free services from premium ones.

Whatever your approach to business is, even if you apply the "eveything free" model, you may want to understand service usage and therefore a flexible billing system is required in the commercial airlines as well as in the business jet sectors.

Since not all airlines are the same, nor are the passengers, the introduction of a variety of premium on board services such as internet connectivity, as well as entertainment, business traveler support and e-commerce, requires an integrated on board billing system, having the necessary flexibility to quickly respond to changes in airline marketing or passenger demand.

JetBill© has been designed from the beginning having in mind the multiservice, multicurrency and real time requirements for on board billing. Flexible pricelists and discounts can be applied individually to passengers, and payment is very flexible as it supports credit cards, vouchers, frequent flyer miles, cash (multicurrency) and credit accumulated by them on previous flights. Bills can be sent in real time to passengers' email addresses or printed before they disembark if there is an onboard printer.

JetBill uses JetPortal web interface to the passengers devices. Their terminals need only a connection to the onboard server (WiFi or USB) and a web browser. JetBill runs on multiple platforms, Linux and Windows and can use both opensource or commercial databases according to the customer requirements. All operations can be completed by the passengers themselves without any crew intervention at all.

PlaneBill has achieved PCI DSS Certification for credit card payments.

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