On Board Application
JetPortal is an on board Portal which allows passengers equipped with Laptops, PADs or PDAs to access all available on board services free or premium, perform registration, payments and service purchase without any crew intervention.
Passengers browsers are redirected to JetPortal when they try to access any web page after having connected to the on board network, usually via WiFi.

Available passenger balance can be used to purchase any kind of premium services on board, ranging from Duty Free, Internet Access, VoIP calls, depending upon the current aircraft capabilities.
JetPortal server runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS, likely to be compatible with most on board servers. On the passenger side, it has been tested to work with most popular browsers running on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and others.

JetPortal checks automatically the passenger terminal and browser capabilities and optimizes the pages accordingly, simplyfying for example the page content for PDA without configuration.

JetPortal supports multicurrency for payment and multilanguage, in an easy and configurable way. Oriental languages are fully supported. Right to left languages require a customization of the layout
JetPortal has built in many applications for Communications, In Flight Entertainment, On board shopping and e-commerce Business Traveller Support and many more. An example of applications specific for the air travel industry, an on board chat is available.

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