Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications
In addition to web applications which only require a web browser, several mobile applications for the passengers and the crew members have been developed in the context of aeronautical passenger services.

While these applications require the installation of a client on the passenger's device, these can take full advantage of terminal capabilities, in terms of local storage and available HW, and can interact with contacts, messages and other user information locally stored.

Currently many applications have been developed for the three major platforms for high end devices, Microsoft Windows (7/Mobile), Google Android and Apple iOS for iPhone/iPod/iPads.

These are client server applications which require the corresponding JetPortal onboard functionality and, for this reason, applications are not yet available at the relevant Application Stores.

The popularity of the iPhone/iPad and Android platform make them ideal devices for applications, while others such as Windows 7/Mobile, Symbian , webOS and Blackberry are rapidly introducing functionality in this active battlefield, which is closely monitored by PlaneBill to guide prioritization of application development.

The list of mobile apps is very long and new apps are added regularly. The philosophy here is to provide passengers with apps for free and eventually charge usage of the on board services.

For example, passengers can use a PlayMedia application to get delivered wireless to their own smartphones or tablet, audio/video content available in the on board server either as streaming or progressive download.

Other applications fetch server information which has been cached or locally stored before the departure and deliver it to the passengers for on onboard viewing. Examples are destination weather, a flight show, news, events at destination, or data catered at the airport before flight depending upon the origin and destination locations (Flight Based Service FBS). Data uploading can be automatic or triggered by the DataCatering application.

Applications are also available to crew members, to optimize their workflow and support their mobility requirements inside the cabin.

With the CrewPanel application, crew members can remotize the passenger Credit Card authentication, Duty Free Purchasing, On board restaurant orders intake using an iPad or tablets. Crew members can also file cabin logbooks for any notes they have to take during the flight. The CrewPanel application also enables them to see passenger messages regarding requests, suggestions or generic feedback, as well as preparing and sending order reports or collected information to ground as a pdf file via email in real time, if the aircraft has ground connectivity.

Games and gambling applications are available, interacting directly with JetBill for handling prepaid authorization, and accounting wins to passenger's accounts.

Below there are some Mobile Apps screenshots. Of course, the application can be customized to the airline's brand requirements For a full list of available on board applications please contact:


For Passenger: On board Duty free, On board Restaurant, IFE (Movies, Onboard Chat, Scratch Card), View of preloaded Content(News, Events at destination, Weather at destination, Flight weather), Messaging to crew member.

For Crew member: Upload of content (news, destination info, dutyfree, etc.), Connectivity handling, Communication with ground, Passenger handling (Buy credit with cash, order handling), Visualization of messaging from passenger, Inventory status, language settings.


Windows Mobile - Android


PlaneRoaming is an application which allows the passenger to send/receive messaging and Voice call notifications on their mobile numbers.

For a full list of available on board applications please contact: