Payment tools
Payment is an essential component of a complete service offering even if your approach is "everything free" today. Considering the variety of passenger classes, their nationalities, their different currencies, fidelity programs, it is mandatory to support many different payment mechanisms.

As the PlaneBill company name implies, this is our bread and butter, and we have over time come to support all systems which are "money worth".

Today's many airlines refuse to accept cash onboard, to minimize the hassle of handling by the crew members, even if this implies a loss of business.

On the other hand, credit card frauds on board airplanes today are a major revenue loss for airlines. Many airlines are using dedicated POS devices to collect credit card information. Most of these devices are just collecting information and the real transaction is done on ground, i.e. they can verify frauds only after passengers are gone. With the introduction of air to ground connectivity, on board real time authorizations become possible. Credit and debit card authorization onboard however requires high security requirements for the on board systems in order to obtain the necessary certification

Prepaid vouchers are another alternative for payment, but they require the passenger to purchase it before boarding on ground. GroundPortal is the PlaneBill developed portal which allows travellers to buy prepaid vouchers.

Paying with frequent flyer miles, is still another way of converting accumulated points into money value for use onboard. This payment method requires ad-hoc interfaces with the airline Frequent Flyer Programs IT systems.

And finally remaining credit from previous flights may be used as well, in order to maintain a loyal customer relationship. This credit has to be stored on a ground server (GroundBill)

JetBill GroundBill and GroundPortal support the above described payment methods. JetPortal and the Mobile Apps will use them as a front end for the passengers operations. For Credit Card only payment PlaneBill however has a dedicated product named JetCredit, as an alternative to the mobile POS used nowdays. The crew member insert the credit card details either using a large button keypad GUI on a tablet/PDA or by using a credit card reader. The passenger bill is printed on a printer attached to the server. If the aircraft has ground connectivity, the authorization is done with an payment processor in real time during the flight.

JetCredit uses PayPal widely available technology used every day for many credit card transactions. However with the introduction of a ground proxy (GroundBill), any other credit card authorization vendor can be used, or changed over time.

The application is configurable according to the different national and airline requirements in terms of security and privacy when handling passenger data. JetCredit is available both as a Web Application or as a native application on a crew member tablet/PDA.

PlaneBill has achieved PCI DSS Certification

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