Press Release
Press Release

AeroMobile solution announced by ARINC and Telenor
AeroMobile solution announced by ARINC and Telenor
Annapolis - Feb 2005

ARINC and Telenor jointly will provide a safe, cost-effective way to allow passengers to use their mobile phones and PDAs while in flight, just as they would on the ground. Both companies have estimated everyday more than 1 million people fly on commercial airliners, and most of them carry a mobile phone.

In order to offer passengers these services several issues have to be solved: technical expertise; balanced business model and correct tariffs; a thorough understanding of the cellular and satellite technical problems, roaming and regulatory environments; and sensitivity to the in-flight environment.

ARINC and Telenor said they'll prove their capabilities through AeroMobile™.

Commercially available in late 2005, the AeroMobile solution will initially enable incoming/outgoing calls and text messages over the classic Inmarsat satellite communications systems already installed in over 1,900 airliners, but will be able to migrate to future technologies. Their solution optimizes available bandwidth with cell phone functionality, from mobile voice and SMS through GPRS and EDGE data to live IP via always-on or dial-up access.

The hardware design is based on standard avionic architecture with a cabin antenna solution. A cabin crew control panel is integral to the system and allows a crew member full control over the activation, de-activation, and mode of operation of the system—for example, implementing quiet times during the flight.

AeroMobile will offer these unique features:

• Full voice and SMS services from launch date
• Pricing aligned with current international GSM roaming rates
• Complete global coverage using the Inmarsat satellite network
• Minimal equipment cost and weight penalties through reuse of existing infrastructure
• Low system maintenance
• Social management via a crew control panel
• Full support of GSM 1800 and GSM 1900 technologies
• Support of CDMA technologies as required by aircraft operators