Press Release
Press Release

AirCell Partners with Formation
AirCell partners with Formation
November 16, 2007

AirCell has partnered with Formation Inc. to incorporate critical avionic hardware components in the AirCell Broadband System to deliver inflight connectivity to passengers.

Formation has developed two critical hardware components of AirCell’s system:
AirCell’s Central Processor Unit and the custom-built Cabin Wireless Access Point (CWAP).

AirCell will use Formation’s hardware in combination with the company’s air-to-ground technology, which transmits and receives data between the ground and the aircraft to enable high-speed inflight
broadband Internet service.

Testing in Early ‘08 AirCell will begin testing Formation's components as part of its partnerships with American Airlines and Virgin America in early 2008.

AirCell’s service will let passengers check e-mail, surf the Web, and access their VPN inflight using either IFE systems or their own Wi-Fi-enabled laptop computers, Smartphones, PDAs, and portable gaming systems.