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Press Release

Australian Govt moves to permit inflight cell-phone use
Australian Govt moves to permit inflight cell-phone use.
November 01, 2008

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is proposing to allow inflight mobile phone use on Australian airlines flying domestic and international routes.
ACMA’s proposal would amend the Mobile Phone Jammer Prohibition to permit pico cell technology used by inflight mobile phone systems.

ACMA is seeking public input on the proposed changes. Written submissions must be received by ACMA no later than 17 Nov. 2008, Giles Tanner, General Manager of ACMA’s Inputs to Industry Division, said.

If ACMA allows pico cell systems inflight, it will consult with stakeholders about the development of radio-communications licensing arrangements for inflight GSM services.
Non-Australian aircraft flying in Australian airspace are required to observe Australian radio-communications licensing arrangements.