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Press Release

WI-FI a success on Alaska Airlines
Wi-Fi a success on Alaska Airlines
April 16, 2009

Alaska Airlines on 14 April reported that more than 2,100 passengers have used the Alaska Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi service since the 26 Feb. launch of an inflight trial of the Row 44 service on one specially-equipped Boeing 737-700. Alaska plans to install the service on additional aircrafts in the coming months.

More than 96% of passengers who tried the service and completed a survey during or after their flight, intend to use it again. Approximately 35% of passengers accessed the service with portable devices such as smartphones. Other passengers surfed the Web on devices such as notebook computers.

Checking e-mail, downloading and listening to music, watching streaming media, and interacting on social networks proved to be some of the most popular activities customers performed via the service.

Alaska Airlines, which offered the service free to passengers during the trial, will begin evaluating pricing models for the service this week and will continue to gather feedback from customers.

Alaska plans to set a final price for the service later this year. Passengers will be able to purchase the service using all major credit cards via the Inflight Wi-Fi secure payment process.