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Taxi Reserv is a bid based taxi reservation system which works with two apps one for the passenger and one for a taxi driver coordinated by a web server.

Apps are available for Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms. The passenger app, sends a booking message to the central server. The passenger can select options such as requirements for special equipment like baby seat or disability, smoking/non smoking, air conditioning, number of people and pieces of luggages.

The server dispatches the request to registered idle Taxi Driver apps, which have characteristics that match the passenger requirements. In a defined time frame bids are collected and presented to the requesting passenger with the car characteristics. The passenger can select one of these, and then both parties are notified of the agreed ride and exchange each other's mobile number for direct communication. The system also support payment using cash, credit cards, paypal and allow also direct fund transfers between he passenger and the driver.

Finally the system collects user and taxi driver feedback to improve the service.

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