PlaneBill has developed a vision on the future of on board services and a number of products to support this vision.

The technological advances in wireless communications technology as well as the availability of powerful multimedia enabled terminals, such as the iPad Android tablets carried on board by the passengers, will impact the future on board architecture, with a shift from providing devices to providing access infrastructure and services.

As in many other industry sectors, also in the airline industry we will see a paradigm shift from equipment to services. Instead of large upfront infrastructure investments, airlines and aircraft operators will provide a basic infrastructure consisting of power for passenger devices, wireless coverage for on board services, one or more on board servers, and air to ground connectivity.

And technological advances in passenger devices can be easily taken into account with this approach.

On top of this basic infrastructure the airline can decide which services to offer. Each airline having the basic infrastructure can decide the way to go, the services to offer. All this in a modular way.

Services are grouped into categories. The airlines or aircraft operators will have the flexibility to offer them free of charge or bill their passengers differently according to their category (frequent flyers, vip, etc).

The future on board and ground architecture supporting the vision is described in the brochure below.

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